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Professor Dr Björn Jensen from Copenhagen is the first doctor who has officially guaranteed the effect of a slimming medicine – on television in front of millions of viewers. His sensational appearance was broadcast on 22 August 2009, when he gave an interview on the successful TV programme “Medizin aktuell” (medicine today).

As soon as you start the treatment, you‘ll lose more than a pound a day!

Since the TV programme, in which Dr Jensen appeared as a slimming expert, the excitement has spread well beyond Denmark. In Germany, too, the new slimming medicine has been featured on TV, on the radio and in the press. The fantastic thing about this anti-fat therapy is: You will lose weight without any effort, literally in your sleep, as the new slimming medicine increases the breakdown of fat in the body tenfold by burning fat more effectively. And you will stay slim forever because the slimming medicine adjusts your “inner furnace”, so that the fattening ingredients in the food are neutralised and rendered harmless.

Slim forever – even if you have been overweight since childhood!

Don’t confuse the slimming medicine with the miracle pills that always let you down: Dr Jensen’s slimming medicine is the first and only method developed by a specialist and approved by health authorities that helps you lose up to 40 pounds and more without any effort. That’s why you will lose weight even if you have been overweight since childhood. This has been proven by clinical trials and Dr Jensen’s research on more than a thousand patients at the International Slimming Institute.

Burns fat and curbs your appetite!

Dr Jensen has 12 years’ experience as a senior consultant at the International Slimming Institute. He knows that every diet puts a strain on the body. That’s why Dr Jensen explicitly guarantees: “When you take my slimming medicine, you will soon feel your energy levels rising considerably. You will be highly motivated and bursting with energy. You will literally feel the fat burning and be increasingly motivated, so there’s no need to deny yourself the odd piece of chocolate or cake, or portion of chips.”

The slimming medicine will turn you into a new person within just 4 weeks!

Professor Jensen’s statements have been confirmed by doctors and pharmacists in Germany: The slimming medicine is a fountain of youth for your figure – and an elixir of life for your body. That’s because the slimming medicine contains essential minerals and healthy micronutrients that turn fat calories into pure energy. As a result, the treatment will make you look youthfully slim – and you will feel like a new person.

Full guarantee without any risks

Take advantage of this introductory offer and find out more without taking any risks. All you have to do is fill out your order form, and within a matter of days you will discover a new you: slim, attractive and young. So make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

You must lose weight with the slimming medicine,
otherwise you will receive up to €100 cash.

That’s fantastic news, ESPECIALLY FOR YOU.

After all, you have been trying to lose weight for a long time. You want to be as slim as the attractive stars on TV and in your favourite magazines. And you have been looking for a formula that is guaranteed to work wonders.

That’s why my slimming medicine is the perfect solution for you. Because the slimming medicine will help you get rid of EVERY, and I mean EVERY POUND OF EXCESS WEIGHT, virtually in your sleep. Without the slightest effort.

As a TV expert and senior consultant at the Slimming Institute, I can tell you: YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO BECOME SLIMMER THAN YOU HAVE EVER BEEN IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.


1. Because my slimming medicine is the first and only guaranteed medical method for effortless weight loss of up to 40 pounds and more.

2. Because it is the only treatment that has a lasting rather than a temporary effect. That means forever! And as soon as you start the treatment, you know that this is the last diet you will ever go on in your life, as the new slimming medicine will help you lose weight quickly and stay slim forever.

As a senior consultant, I give you my word that you will lose weight once and for all. Otherwise, I personally guarantee that you will receive up to €100 compensation in cash.

YOU MUST LOSE A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF WEIGHT and become perfectly slim – otherwise you will receive money to compensate you for your disappointment. That’s an amazing guarantee, which assures you that the new slimming medicine will help you lose weight from the very first day.

As a TV expert and senior consultant at the International Slimming Institute, I also guarantee that my slimming medicine is HEALTHY and only contains natural BIO FAT BURNERS providing maximum efficiency.

However, you must order by . That’s because the public health authority has explicitly limited the over-the-counter sale of the slimming medicine to 1,000 to minimise the disadvantage faced by pharmacies.

So don’t waste any time

Fill out your order form straightaway and claim the slimming medicine of your choice with 100% money-back guarantee. The sooner you reply, the sooner you will be enviably slim from head to toe, and you will be admired wherever you go and start enjoying life to the full.

You will soon realise: There is nothing better that promotes healthy weight loss! So reply as soon as possible – ideally TODAY. It’s the best thing you can do right now for your body and health.

This is my advice as a doctor.

Professor Dr. Björn Jensen
International Slimming Institute