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What the experts say

„As a pharmacist, I have a lot of experience with slimming aids, and I have to say my experience is largely negative. That’s why I am pleased that we now have the new slimming medicine, which I can recommend with a clear conscience“

Bruno G., pharmacist, Munich

„As a medical specialist, the public health department asked me to test the new slimming medicine prior to its release. Based on trials with 120 volunteers, I can confirm the effectiveness of the slimming medicine. During my many years of research, I have never tested a drug that has reduced the body’s fat levels as quickly and effectively as this one.“

Dr Karlheinz P., medical specialist, Karlsruhe

„As a pharmacist, nobody can pull the wool over my eyes that easily. I’ve seen many so-called miracle drugs that didn’t work miracles at all. The slimming medicine has really surprised me – I’ve only heard good things about it.“

Doris Z., pharmacist, Wiesbaden

„In my practice, the only thing I prescribe for weight loss is the slimming medicine, and I steer clear of the so-called appetite suppressants. My experience with the slimming medicine has been good throughout.“

Dr Norbert T., GP, Frankfurt

„On our ward, the slimming medicine is the only medicine we administer for weight loss. All the doctors here are glad that there is finally a drug available that we can rely on, and that is not only safe but also extremely healthy.“

Dr Libor P., senior physician, Hamburg