Perfectly slim in 30 days!
Even if you are more than 40 pounds overweight.


In the composition of MedoLine ULTRA we have ensured that only the best and most effective ingredients are used.

We can produce our products in Europe under German food and hygiene regulations!

Cocoa shell fiber

Increases the feeling of fullness, you eat less.

Lemon fiber

Decomposes the food faster and prevents formation of fat cells.

Green coffee extract

Caffeine dissolves fatty acids, chlorogenic acid helps in the processing of the fatty acids.

Vitamin C

Support growth hormones in the body fat loss during sleep.

Artichoke powder

Promotes fat digestion, relieves the bile.

White pepper

Supports fat metabolism and stimulates the circulation.


Cocoa powder made of cocoa shell fiber (33,4 %); sweet lupine flour (30 %); gelatin; lemon fiber powder (5 %); green coffee extract with 15 % chlorogenic (3,3 %); vitamin C (3,3 %); artichoke powder (2,5 %); guarana seed powder (1,65 %); white pepper; conjugated linoleic acid, calcium salt (0,83 %); green tea extract with 50 % polyphenols (0,83 %); separating agent: magnesium stearate.